Backend Engineer - For A Technology-Based, Dynamic And Innovative Company

Backend Engineer - For A Technology-Based, Dynamic And Innovative Company

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Backend Engineer - For A Technology-Based, Dynamic And Innovative Company

Detalles de la oferta

Funcions i requisits de la vacant
You will join our RDI team and participate in an exciting experience with an innovative company, with a high potential at an international level.

We are located in Girona and we offer a position in this city.

You will work with a group of developers as part of our team dedicated to creating the platforms and services that enable our products to successfully deliver software and maintain responsibility for designing, building, and enhancing backend services that provide vital integrations and capabilities for clients and deployed devices. You will serve as a full stack JavaScript developer building a powerful integration platform for managing and orchestrating integrations with other applications, like Node.js, Ansible, React, MongoDB, Meteor, Docker, and SASS.

You will play a role in delivering impactful applications that support software development and DevOps projects.

You will work with DevOps automation approaches involving technologies, including AWS, GCloud or Azure. You will continue to learn and grow development through mentorship with other experienced team members.

What you could do:
- Create a backend for collecting, aggregating, and serving a high resolution view of timing data from thousands of our devices
- Build Docker containers to test and release services before pushing new versions of code into production.
- Develop a log collection and delivery service for allowing front-ends to browse logs from running processes.
- Implement a user authorization system that supports the introduction of new product features, adjustments to user restrictions over time.
-Build and maintain our API in languages like Python, Ruby and Golang that aggregate measured data, and send volume estimations into our cloud systems.
Nivell d'estudis acabats:
Enginyeria Superior amb titulació de Enginyeria de Telecomunicació(imprescindible)
Grau amb titulació de Grau en Enginyeria Telemàtica(imprescindible)
Enginyeria Superior amb titulació de Enginyeria en Automàtica i Electrònica Industrial(imprescindible)
Enginyeria Superior amb titulació de Enginyeria en Informàtica(imprescindible)
Grau amb titulació de Grau en Enginyeria de Sistemes Electrònics(imprescindible)
Grau amb titulació de Grau en Enginyeria de Sistemes TIC(imprescindible)
Grau amb titulació de Grau en Enginyeria de Disseny Industrial i Desenvolupament del Producte(imprescindible)

AnglèsMitjà (imprescindible)
CastellàAvançat (imprescindible)
CatalàDomini (imprescindible)
Temps d'experiència:
més de 2 anys
We ask for 3+ years of experience with software development in a commercial product development environment, including using JavaScript as a full stack server-side application language independent of jQuery or browser

We also ask for:
- Experience with front-end JavaScript frameworks, including React / Meteor.js
- Experience with building and consuming REST APIs
- Experience with asynchronous programming in promises
- Experience with Linux or OS X
- Knowledge of concepts of unit testing and integration testing

- You've worked with modern databases and cloud infrastructure providers like AWS.
- You have experience writing server code for demanding scalability or availability requirements.
- You can write and test performant, fault tolerant, and secure server side code.
- You can make accurate engineering estimates most of the time.
Carnets de conduir:
Altres requisits:
Join our team if:

- You enjoy learning about new technologies and implementing new standards (OAuth2, HTTP/2, Websockets, etc.)
- You enjoy reviewing code and getting your code reviewed.
-You enjoy collaborating with others.
- You seek feedback early and often.
- You know how to work with a team in managing schedules and delivery expectations.
- You think some of the above items apply to you right now, and you'd like to work in a positive and collaborative environment to learn all the others

Additional Qualifications:
- Knowledge of JavaScript patterns and anti-patterns
- Ability to provide code samples or GitHub links preferred

Condicions que ofereix l'empresa
Jornada Completa
Full time
Perspectiva de la feina:
Disponibilitat d'incorporació:

From 24.000 to 36.000 euros (gross anual salary) - to be agreed based on the experience of the candidate.

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