Import/Export Compliance Classification

Import/Export Compliance Classification






Import/Export Compliance Classification

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ref. INS-EM-28692889In respect of Tech Data Import and Export Control Compliance Procedures, operate all the administrative and logistical tasks related to Import Entries and Export shipments by working closely with inbound and outbound carriers and Tech Data's sales force.



Preparation of documents to ensure efficient, effective and compliant export shipments in alignment with Tech Data Export Control Compliance Procedure: Prepare all export documentation required, including proper commercial invoices, packing lists, and requesting any additional documents that may be required (Certificate of Origin).

Ensure accurate Incoterms are used on the commercial invoices, as well as correct pricing, origins and HTS codes.

Request, record and maintain product origin information from vendors, to support applications for Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Conformity, etc.

Issue instructions for export clearance declarations for Customs to agents/carriers.

Obtain, check and retain all relevant documentation to establish necessary export records to meet regulatory obligations including:

Filing of the commercial invoices, together with all license & carrier shipping paperwork as proof of export.

Validating and filing the export Customs documentation established by carriers/agents.

Recording and data entry of all Export transactions.

Support Regulatory Compliance export licence team as required including being authorised to submit and monitor the export license applications to SBDU

Deal with all relevant export related correspondence, in a timely and compliant way. Create export freight quotations including liaison with carriers.

Check the VAT exemption documents for French resellers and request external (authorities) and internal approvals to create or re-activate a VAT exempt account in SAP.

Follow up the VAT exempt customer's order entries and ensure the controls and procedures in place are properly respected.

Follow-up and recordkeeping of the EMEA Compliance screenings related to the VAT exempt orders.

Preparation of documents to ensure efficient, effective, economic and compliant Import customs declarations are submitted according to Tech Data Import Control Compliance Procedure:

Create and issue authorization and instructions for all carrier/agent import Customs clearance requests.

Update Imports database with all relevant Customs Declaration shipment information.
Ensure all Customs agents are properly authorised and retain signed copies of Regulatory Compliance SOP from all agents.

Track missing shipments to ensure completeness.

Deal with all relevant import related correspondence in a timely and compliant way. Liaise with Procurement regarding urgent Purchase Orders.

Verify Customs Entry value, commodity code, import duty and VAT paid on Import Entry as well as make sure all commercial invoices, CMR's, Customs Docs etc. have been received for each shipment.
Obtain, check and retain all relevant documents to establish necessary import records to meet regulatory obligations

Monitor import duty accounting process; reconciliation of periodic statements; monitoring duty deferment account balance and timely notification if insufficient or excessive.

Ensure Tech Data import and export procedures are followed at all times. Keep up to date with changes in import and export requirements throughout EMEA, to ensure Tech Data is not at risk.
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