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We are looking for a Principal with excellent leadership skills and a passion for education. The Principal is responsible for creating budgets, disciplining students and ensuring that learning objectives are met.

To be successful as a Principal you must be compassionate and organized. A good Principal manages the needs of both students and staff members to ensure that there is a productive learning environment.

Principal Responsibilities:

Work with teachers to create teaching schedules.

Approve or reject applications from prospective students.

Create a budget for the school.

Take disciplinary action against students and staff members.

Organize job fairs and talks by colleges.

Give students advice when asked.

Communicate with parents and board members.

Attend industry-related conferences.

Principal Requirements:

A master's degree in Education.

Experience as a Principal or in a senior position at a school.

Excellent communication skills.

Compassion for students.

Natural leadership skills.

Passion for education.

A valid teaching license.

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