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Research Analyst

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We are looking for an analytical and detail-oriented Research Analyst to assist in improving the operations and decision making of our business. The Reseach Analyst's responsibilities include researching, collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data, and using the data to guide the business's decision making. A Research Analyst should be prepared to work in various sectors, such as marketing, business operations, and finance.

To be a successful Research Analyst, you should have excellent mathematical, critical-thinking, and communication skills. You should be flexible and able to work independently or in a team.

Reseach Analyst Responsibilities:

Analyzing past operations' results and performing variance analyses.

Identifying and analyzing trends and forecasts and recommending improvements to the business processes.

Researching market trends, conducting surveys, analyzing data from competitors, and analyzing the business's operations, expenditures, and customer retention to identify patterns of potential issues or improvements.

Using data analysis and interpretations to guide the decision making of the business.

Using operations' data to develop pricing models and identify areas for improvement.

Using statistical, economic, and data modeling techniques and tools.

Organizing and analyzing data, creating charts and graphs, and presenting your findings to the leadership team.

Providing recommendations to improve future business operations.

Organizing and storing data for future research projects.

Testing processes, policies, and protocols for efficiency and improvements.

Research Analyst Requirements:

A Bachelor's or Associate's degree in Economics, Finance, Statistics, Computer Science, or related field.

Experience in applied research or data management may be advantageous.

Strong mathematical, analytical, and data modeling skills.

The ability to manipulate large, complex data sets into manageable, understandable reports.

Excellent problem-solving, communication, and team working skills.

Familiarity with data modeling software and Excel software.

Attention to detail and organizational skills.

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