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Security Analyst

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e are looking for a meticulous and detail-oriented Security Analyst to be responsible for monitoring the security systems in our organization. The Security Analyst's responsibilities include securing our online and on-premises infrastructures, filtering out suspicious activity, and finding and mitigating security risks before any breaches can occur. You will work inter-departmentally to identify and correct any flaws in our security systems.

To be a successful Security Analyst, you should have a sound working knowledge of cybersecurity, including intrusion prevention, incidence response, and ethical hacking. You should be detail oriented with strong analytical skills and have good communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills.

Security Analyst Responsibilities:

Leading efforts to counter security breaches and anticipating and reducing the likelihood of future security alerts, incidents, and disasters.

Defining, planning, implementing, maintaining, and upgrading security measures, policies, and controls.

Writing reports and providing insights on the efficacy of the current security policies, incident responses, disaster recovery plans, and other security-related information.

Assisting with the creation of updates and training programs to secure the network and train the employees.

Keeping the security systems up to date.

Monitoring security access and maintaining the relevant data.

Conducting vulnerability testing and risk analyses to assess security and performing internal and external security audits.

Analyzing security breaches to identify the cause and to update incidence responses and disaster recovery plans.

Verifying and coordinating security plans with outside vendors.

Creating procedures for IT employees and training them in security awareness.

Security Analyst Requirements:

A Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Programming, or related field.

1-5 years' experience in the field, such as Security Administration.

Advanced training certifications may be advantageous.

The ability to work in a high-stress environment.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills, interpersonal, and teaching skills.

Good anticipation, analytical, and problem-solving skills.

The ability to remain current on the latest technology and best practices in information security.

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