Senior Kafka Devops Engineer

Senior Kafka Devops Engineer


Senior Kafka Devops Engineer

Detalles de la oferta

At Adevinta (Full-time), in Barcelona, Spain
Expires at: 2019-10-22
We are a global digital player, the biggest marketplace specialist in Europe. But we are still a family of local brands – because we believe all great marketplaces are local. Our marketplaces serve people where they live, acknowledging what’s special about every culture and every place, helping local economies to grow sustainably.

Our systems are global-scale deployments of different services such as developer productivity tools, image and message processing systems, active and passive security scanning, big data and mapreduce clusters, messaging brokers, database and NoSQL backends and many more. We specifically have to support hundreds of services and hundreds of instances for our millions of consumers, using service discovery systems, autoscaling, dynamic load balancing and routing.

Scientists and engineers in our teams work to make hundreds of millions of user behaviour events from all around the world understandable for analysts and business users in the company, daily. This large data set is also one of the most diverse data sets in the world and we work with the latest data technologies (Spark, AWS services, Kafka). Tens of thousands of tasks are ran every day to handle data processing jobs at this scale.

For internal services (like delivery pipelines and build systems), we support more than a thousand developers and develop dozens of developer productivity utilities to have our developers code more with less hassle. At all times our engineers are just a git clone away from real code and our teams are active contributors to several public OSS projects.


As part of the Storage Team within Adevinta you will be in charge of developing, deploying, maintaining, supporting a state-of-the-art Kafka platform managed As a Service
Automating the operations and production of the minimizing manual intervention as much as possible
Advise and train the adopters of the Kafka platform about usage and best practices
Help develop the best possible continuous delivery pipelines supporting features like automated promotion to production, automated canary releasing or blue green deployments
Forensic analysis and troubleshooting when things go wrong
Be part of the engineering organisation, set up guidelines, help other team to make design / reliability trade offs and implement systems that fail over gracefully and transparently to clients
Implement monitoring and logging solutions that enable the production systems to be monitored 24/7
Respond to requests from other teams by building self-service solutions
Make sure that any tech solution that you put in place is robust, will scale, and failover / BCP systems are in place
Liaise with 3rd parties to evaluate technology that Adevinta needs

Main requirements

A BSc degree in computer science or equivalent experience
Strong knowledge and experience in Managing Kafka Infrastructure is required
Experience with cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure, DigitalOcean)
Strong analytical / problem solving skills
Good UNIX background
The ability to write scripts to diagnose problems (Python, Ruby, Bash or similar)
Proven ability and experience developing computer programs (Golang, Java, Python, Ruby or similar)
Experience in building systems that scale is required
Experience with Continuous Integration and Immutable Deployments


Choose your Kit (Computer & Phone)
Flexible work schedule & ability to WFH a couple of days a week
Private Medical Insurance (including in-office Doctor)
Gym Membership (70% discount) & Physiotherapist in-office (50% discount)
Travel Insurance
Flex Benefits (Ticket Restaurant, Transport Ticket etc.)
Company & Personal Performance Bonus
Social activities (meetups, talks hosted in the office & parties)
Free breakfast, fresh fruit & coffee & canteen in the office
Able to go to conferences & courses
Free Language Lessons
Adjustable desks, chairs & various workspaces

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  • Tecnologías de la Información / Programación



  • Utilities
  • Ruby
  • Unix